Using 3D modeling and printing techniques for visualization

The 3D modeling and printing techniques that I use to make my dioramas can also be applied for the creation of (small) scale architectural models. I make these models in cooperation with Raukema Services, which act as the project manager. It can be difficult to visualize a construction project, whether it is a new building or a (partial) home improvement, from a 2D image or blueprint. A physical 3D model will provide a visual perspective that shows what the design will look like, giving it an idea of the dimensions and helps to ensure the desired result, without having to make expensive changes once the construction has begun.

Each model starts with a design plan, which is usually a blueprint which shows the dimensions of the building,  sometimes this is accompanied by an artist’s impression of what is envisioned for the end result. I take these plans and use them to make a 3D digital model. Next I make several rendered images of the model for the project manager to assess if it matches the design. When approved, I will start 3D printing the final physical parts of the model. This model is then presented to the client. If needed I can also make a virtual tour video of the model, which simulates walking inside the model.

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