Do you want to learn how to make photographs while better understanding the settings on your camera? Now is your chance!

In this workshop I will show the techniques that I use in my photography. I will do so using the set that I use for making images of my toy figures. This type of photography is great for learning how to improve your own photography skills and make better photographs in general. It is a great way to work with different fields of depth and see how this correlates to shutterspeed and different settings for ISO. Because this is a relative small, but also static, object, it allows to play around with different focal lengths. Besides that, it is a great opportunity to try out different light setups.

I will also show how I use Lightroom to import the photos directly onto a computer using the tether shooting function. Alternatively this can be done by using free software, which I will also explain. After that I shall show how I use Photoshop to post-process into the final image. A finished image can be made up out of more than 40 single photo’s so this is a great opportunity for me to show how I do this.

I have made four of the same sets that consist of a wooden floor and two Styrofoam walls. Each standard set comes with a table, a desk, a jar and a wall shelf. In addition to these I have other optional furniture such as a bookcase, a wooden barrel and a wall display, as well as a 3D printed skull. The figures that I use for this are Nendoroids from the different Legend of Zelda series. All the accessories that come with these can be used during the workshop as well. This way the workshop will hopefully not only be educational, but also a lot of fun!



Booking your workshop and what you will need to bring
How does it work?

If you are interessted in following a workshop with me, just fill out the contact form below! Up to 4 persons can attend a workshop. Of course there are a few things that you will need to bring if you want to get the most out of what I offer:

  1. Camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop (recommended)

A camera is pretty self explanatory since this is a photography workshop. Any basic camera will do, as long as it is a decent dslr or system camera. A tripod is needed to shoot tethered or use the image stacking optie in Photoshop. Of course it is possible to make a good photo without a tripod, but I do not recommend it for this workshop. A laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop is recommended, since you can start post-processing during the workshop and try my tips for yourself!

Workshop cost: €160,-
Duration: 10am – 17pm.

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