About Me

I combine photography and custom made props to create one of a kind pieces of artwork.

My name is Pim Raukema and I like to make things. Whether it is a photograph, a piece of armour or a small piece of furniture for my workshops, I always strive to make it look and feel as real as possible. My work is greatly influenced by movies and videogames from the fantasy genre such as The Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, Dark Souls and the Legend of Zelda series. But I also like to use historical references to achieve a more realistic design. I have a master’s degree in Archaeology and this way at least I can put my study to good use.

I started my photography career because I wanted to be able to show the things that I had made in a more appealing way. So I attended a few workshops on studio portrait photography, followed a course on Photoshop and figured the rest out for myself. The same goes for the things that I make in my workshop. Most of the techniques that I use I have taught myself. And now I combine all my skills to make my art.

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